Weed Control & Fire Suppression

Noxious Weed Control consists of using chemical and mechanical devices to control unwanted weeds and grasses to help maintain a weed free environment.

We use pre/post emergent herbicides along with mowers and disk to aid in weed management.

We use only pesticides that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and follow all rules and regulations on the labels and MSDS.

We manage unwanted weeds in a variety of areas…

Vacant lots, fields

Levees, roadsides

Detention ponds

Solar Panels

Treatment Ponds

Cell Phone Towers

Home Builder Lots

Residential Properties

Reduce Dry Weeds and Grasses for Fire Resistant Land

Uncontrolled vegetation can be a liability– restore your property’s clean look and eliminate the danger of fires caused by uncontrolled dry grasses and weeds.

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Pre-emergence is applied to the soil before the weeds become established. These chemicals must be watered in by irrigation or rainfall to activate, so applying them in the late winter or early spring time before weeds have a chance to germinate will yield the best results.


Post-emergent herbicides are applied to actively growing vegetation to eliminate and kill existing weeds and grasses. We can apply these products all year round but it is most effective as weeds are actively growing (spring/fall).


Mowers are used to knock down and cut back large weeds and grasses. This may require removal of large areas of cut vegetation. Disking is a process where land is turned over the live vegetation and helping smooth and even out the land.

Benefits of Mowers & Disking:

  • Effective against a wide variety of vegetation
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Fast
  • Reduced seed production


There is no part of flower gardening more frustrating than trying to constantly get rid of those pesky weeds. We have a program using pre and post emergent weed controls that eliminate weeds and control germination of new growth. This process takes away the time and effort put in by the home owner or property manager of trying to keep the landscape beds clean of unwanted vegetation.