Insect & Disease Control

During the late winter and early spring- blooming trees, flowers and emerging lawns are a welcome sight. But what may not be so obvious are the millions of insects that also arrive each year. In normal population numbers, insects are part of your property’s natural environment.

Unfortunately, significant insect outbreaks do occur and can throw that environment out of balance. During an outbreak insects and disease can destroy trees and plants by devouring buds, bark and foliage. While severe outbreaks can result in wide-spread damage even milder outbreaks can weaken trees and shrubs already stressed by harsh winters, gusting winds and drought.

Significant insect outbreaks generally occur during the spring and summer months. Unless preventative action is taken early in the season, it’s often more difficult to counteract the damage that outbreaks can cause.

Get year-round protection for your trees and shrubs…

with spray-free treatment, systemic injections, and/or topical sprays

Maintain healthy, pest-free trees

We want to help protect your investment from unwanted and invasive pests such as:

  • Aphids and woolly aphids that suck the sap from the trees, causing a sticky substance to drip onto cars, walk ways, and outdoor furniture
  • Scale (including hard and soft) —these are very hard to control at later stages, but we have solution
  • White Flies that suck out juices from the plant which also spreads diseases
  • Spittle Bug– these small sap sucking bugs live on stems of plants, protected by a gob of bubbles that it blows from the sap
  • Lace Bug- Lace bugs are usually host specific and can be very destructive to plants
  • Mites- They generally live on the undersides of leaves of plants, where they may spin protective silk webs, and they can cause damage by puncturing the plant cells to feed
  • Stink Bug (Shield Bug)- This bug damages plants including crops directly by feeding on the fruit. This feeding can cause irregular marks on the fruit making them unsuitable for retail. Stink bugs move quickly and can damage a large number of trees over a short period of time
  • Diseases include but not limited to- Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose, Black and Leaf Spot, Sooty Mold, Cankers
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