We are a specialty chemical landscape company that uses safe chemical products to help with horticulture and agronomic needs. We build programs to eliminate or prevent insects and disease, as well as eliminate and prevent problem grasses and weeds.

Weed Control

Noxious weeds can be overwhelming and expensive to get rid of. We build programs that will help with current problems, and prevent weeds and grass from taking over your properties in the future. Best of all, it’s safe and economically effective.

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Turf/ Grass Care

Whether the turf is a baseball field, a park, a green belt or your own backyard, we can help make it lush, green, and healthy. We build custom programs to keep grass & turf free of weeds, insects, and disease.

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Fire Suppression

To keep your property cared for long-term, we build programs to eliminate and prevent unwanted vegetation. Not only does this provide a cleaner look, it also eliminates any chance of fire caused by dry, dead grasses and weeds. Save time, money and lives by keeping weeds and grasses down!


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Tree and Shrub Care

We help with the beatification of your trees and shrubs. If a tree is attacked by pests, like aphids, not only does the tree look infested and unhealthy– it drips sappy, sticky secretion all over houses, cars, etc. Custom Agronomic Solutions builds programs for you to keep trees and shrubs healthy and vigorous.

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